Anstey, the new name for Frank.

Welcome to Anstey, we are excited to announce and share our new name and identity.

Over the past 2 years we have rapidly grown and have successfully rented and sold in excess of 400+ properties. However, during this time it hasn’t only been a time for growth but constant reflection, which has now resulted in the evolution of the ‘Anstey’ brand and identity.

As ‘Frank’ we offered a real alternative to traditional agents in the market but as we have scaled, we’ve realised we can offer more to our clients than just sales and lettings. Frank has always been part of the Anstey Group launching and trading under the ‘Frank’ name was a strategy devised to make a bold statement in the market capturing landlords and renters attention to really showcase what we can offer.

This strategy proved effective and we realised unifying the companies in the Anstey Group to the ‘Anstey’ brand would be the next phase to continue growth and offer more services and with ‘Anstey’ we’re setting out to do just that.

Anstey the New Name for Frank

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